@flame it's so fun, though positioning and modeling things is brutal

@cancel oh for sure, I started modelling stuff in 3dsmax and exporting as DXF and *hoping* Bryce would succeed import

@flame I wonder if there is a way to use a modern package without the brutally simplistic positioning facilities, but with the same look as a 90s raytracer

@flame though I also wonder how much just being limited in your ability to position things correctly within a scene influences the look

@cancel maybe there's a way to pass Blender to Povray or something ?

@flame hmm that might work... as long as you can still pass through raytracing primitives. perfect spheres, cubes, etc., plus raytraced boolean operations. those things definitely influence the look

@flame one of the big looks from this old software seems to be absolutely perfect curves on spheres and tori and cylinders, but then no beveling or chamfering on intersections because it's too computationally complex to do with raytraced primitives

@flame OK I tried blender with its POV Ray add-in... it's completely broken, throws python errors everywhere. looks like it's been abandoned for a long time and left to rot. I wonder why they still bundle it with Blender.

@cancel this is the oldest image I have, made around 97 if I recall, I was blown away at the difference in IOR, and I believe it was my first successful experiment with boolean objects

@cancel oh wow i haven’t seen or thought about this software in a loooooong time!

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