@neauoire I was thinking about that "old digital tools" art compo idea. Do you have any ideas for format rules?

@cancel I like how demos are usually delivered, a video that demonstrates the thing, and the source and docs on the side so people can run it themselves.

cc @Merristasis

@neauoire @Merristasis oh, I meant making art with existing, old software/tools. not making the tools. or did you mean specifically making software with old tools?

@cancel @Merristasis I meant that too, but you're asking me like, how we should collect this altogether?

@neauoire @Merristasis or just how to define the rules. Like a cutoff year?

@neauoire @Merristasis or maybe people can choose like a specific time period/platform they want to work from?

@cancel @Merristasis we were thinking about mid april, black and white, any platform someone find experimental or of interest? Unless we choose one platform and everyone has to learn how to use it, I wouldn't be against like, okay it has to be BASIC and run on the sinclaire, or something.

@cancel @Merristasis but the investment is more considerable, and most people here have a very short attention span.

@neauoire @Merristasis how about hypercard in a black-and-white macintosh emulator?

@cancel @Merristasis I'd be super down for that 🙋 I'll looking into what's involved and do a little writeup to get this setup.

@neauoire @Merristasis nice :) I think it should be pretty easy to make stuff without a bunch of initial learning required. I'm also down for any other ideas if you have any.

@neauoire @cancel Are you talking about demos or games ? (I'm saying this because I've read all the thread and I'm a bit confused)

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