@neauoire How do you want to handle distributing the Macintosh VM? We can just make a webpage for it explaining how to use it, links to run it in browser or download + Basilisk II, or something. Also a short paragraph of text of how to make the floppy disk image for submission.

@neauoire yeah. we should probably have it up a few days in advance, so people can make sure it works for them, and so that getting it to work doesn't eat into their creative time.

i'll take a look at later today.

@neauoire also so that people can try out hypercard :)

@raelzero @neauoire has ones, as well. os 7.5 is all we need. 9 and stuff requires SheepShaver which is much, much less stable than Basilisk II, and more complicated.

@cancel @neauoire Super! I'll try to get that setup up tonight, thanks!

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