@neauoire do I still need to do this Hypercard writeup and packaging thing? Since it's voluntary and not part of any rules

@cancel Depends, is it still just us two who will use Hypercard?

@cancel Actually yeah, I'll use it. I have no idea how to package it.

@cancel and I have the sense that we'll probably inspire a bunch of people to look into this as well.

@neauoire my original plan was to use the thing that lets it run in a browser, with the entries as floppy disk images.

@neauoire so you could use the browser emulator or your own Basilisk II emulator or whatever.

@neauoire hm, what do you mean? you just double click the file in the floppy in the emulator and it opens in hypercard

@neauoire basilisk II saves the floppy disks images as files. you just send me that.

@neauoire the hard drive image is used to boot. it has mac OS on it and hypercard. and then any number of floppy images are used for the entries.

@neauoire I thought we should target Mac SE/30 a few days ago, but the PCE browser emulator only does Mac Plus. But I think that's good enough for what we want to do? None of the ideas in my head involve needing the hypercard scripts to run quickly.

@neauoire and remember, the Mac floppies from this era are 800kb, not 1.4mb :)

@neauoire you'll start sweating after a few 512x342 bitmap images

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@cancel @neauoire i think you should. a lot of people are curious now; e.g. i started thinking about a design for a hypercard stack. just, like, a collection of links in a txt file / on pastebin is IMMENSELY helpful

worst case it's a useful resource for other people who want to explore the digital past (net artists, other weirdos like you & devine :~)

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