I posted this last night, and a few people told me they didn't get it. The explanation surprised them.

The document with the graphical comments and fully controllable formatting is also the source code for the program. It's actually being compiled and run.

The compiler doesn't have any special support for this particular document format.

This is real.

Kind of reminds me of playgrounds in XCode.

@paul ah, are there any videos of someone using it? it lets you format your document however you like?

@paul @cancel I didn't think XCode had misc formatting like bold and italic 0_o, I thought it was plaintext.

I haven't used XCode in years tho~

It's a shiny and relatively new thing in XCode. Basically rich text formatting + blocks of swift code that you evaluate. There's some widgets too? Haven't used it, just been around AudioKit people who have used it. It is meant to be more for interactive sample code, rather than a full program. Not as compelling as what you have happening tbh.

Now that I think about it, it's in the same vein as stuff like jupyter notebooks and Mathematica. Only for Swift.

@paul @neauoire yeah, the thing I'm showing isn't limited to workbook-style programs. You can write the whole thing this way. Apparently the text editor shown in the screen itself written this way!

@paul @neauoire The next thought is, I need my programmer's text editor with all of its features for coding, right?

Nisus is scriptable/programmable, and you can add native code plugins to it as well.

@paul @neauoire The only downside I'm seeing is that it wouldn't work very well with modern version control systems, which are plaintext-only...

@paul @neauoire I'm sure there are other downsides I have not yet seen :P

@paul @neauoire The "data fork" of the file is just plain text. All of the formatting stuff is stored in the resource fork, I think. I'm still looking into it.

That's why the compiler and text editor can work together with no special features.


That's super inspiring for me to hear! I've been tempted to build a system like this for some of my projects, which are written in a literate style via org-mode. Just being able to divide and explore a program using header folding feels very rewarding, but I've been itching to push the interaction further.

@cancel i bet the secret of this is that the formatting isn't lumped in with the actual text data

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