Next version of Ripcord will finally have live theme changing
(including a custom theme, if you use one)

Video is clipped off in the web preview for some reason 🤷

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@cancel Sweet, looking forward to it! I have been using Ripcord for the past few weeks and really like it. Especially how freaking fast it loads up in comparison to Slack.

@cancel One minor annoyance if I may address this here, is that the width of the sidebar is usually a bit too narrow for my team names and the setting isn't stored until the next restart.

@rostiger Hmm, that's weird. The sidebar width is supposed to be saved. What OS are you using?

@rostiger No, that should work. (Ripcord works back to 14.04)

I don't know why it's not saving the sidebar width for you. I tried it just now and it works for me (video)

@cancel Huh, that's strange. How do you store settings across sessions? Is there a config file somewhere?

@rostiger Open the preferences window, File -> Open Settings & Data Path

@cancel Perfect, thanks. I just set the value in settings.ini. The file doesn't have write permissions, probably that's why ripcord can't store it?

@rostiger probably. maybe some other program fucked up the perms? or you ran it as root at one point or something?

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