Real question though, can it play Doom? 😆

I should fire this up sometime to hack around with it.

@Clifford are you asking if classic Macintosh can run Doom, or Plan 9? :)

@Clifford yeah, though I don't think it's particularly great for games or real-time multimedia stuff. (Could be, if more people worked on it.) I don't use it that often or very seriously, just occasionally for fun/curiosity.

Yeah, I need to get into it to mess around with it. It's been on my radar for a pretty long time. Mostly because of the Ed Wood reference 😻


@Clifford that's the weirdest reason I've ever heard for someone to want to use Plan 9, and I've seen some weird stuff

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I'd argue anyone who is an Ed Wood fan is probably weird, so that this ranked on your scale of weirdness is a badge of pride. 🙇

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