I used the same Panasonic electric shaver for 7 years. Bought a new one last week. I might have kept the old one longer, if I was handy. Motor vibration became too much.

The new model's auto cleaning base station (optional extra) does away with disposable plastic cartridges. Instead, you can fill it with detergent however you like. There's an extra step once a month: you have to clean out the non-disposable filter, instead of throwing it away as part of a disposable plastic unit.


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@cancel I'm using a classic shaving plow since a few years and never looked back.

@rostiger I tried that years ago and it didn't work for me. My beard is a crazed nightmare.

@rostiger I should clarify. I tried that before I broke down and bought an expensive electric shaver :)

(And all of that shaving stuff was really expensive to buy and then give up on 3 months later...)

@rostiger Previously, I had just been using disposable 2-or-more blade razors and gel goo. Tried the more traditional safety razor stuff, including the boar hair brush, the various soaps and creams you apply, careful control of the blade and skin, heated/moist towels. etc. Face was a mess, and even after months of trying variations, it was no good.

I couldn't even get a barber to give me a good shave with a blade. Recommendation was to use a linear electric shaver :P

@cancel Haha, sounds painful! Good that you finally found something that works for you.

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