@cancel lol.. Yeah, turns out the errors are mostly non-sense like it can't really follow the code along or something, there was 1 error that was actually missing an initialization. The other stuff is not really things I want to fix.


==4969== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
==4969== at 0x41BED8: _IO_link_in (in /home/neauoire/Git/oscean/src/main)
==4969== by 0x41ACAD: _IO_new_file_init_internal (in /home/neauoire/Git/oscean/src/main)
==4969== by 0x4161AB: __fopen_internal (in /home/neauoire/Git/oscean/src/main)
==4969== by 0x407A03: parse (main.c:915)
==4969== by 0x408254: main (main.c:1041)

It's saying I'm not checking for NULL on the FILE

@neauoire is there a git revision that was used when this error was generated? So I can make sure the line numbers are correct

@cancel mhmm no that was a bit behind the last commit, I think it was between two commits. After dinner, I'll make it again.

@neauoire If the current git revision on xxiivv/oscean also issues warnings, I can make a Linux VM and reproduce it myself

@cancel yeah the current version has the warnings, there is a recipe in the build.sh for vargrind I think

@neauoire OK, lemme set up a VM with all the goodies :)

@cancel okay! I'm around and I'm curious to hear what you find. I'll hop on IRC.

@cancel @neauoire

I don't know who this Devine Lu Linvega is, but she definitely belongs on the Fediverse!

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