Question: what's the best classic Macintosh programmer's text editor that has multiple undo, and won't hog the memory on an 8mb RAM System 7 or 6 computer?

BBEdit 3 and later are too slow and use too much memory. QUED/M I could only find a demo version of 2.7.2 for, and 3.0 doesn't work in Mini vMac (copy protection shenanigans?)

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@cancel after spending a few seconds on the wikipedia page, i would look for a version prior to 2.5

@cancel bbedit. i was never a mac user but old timers would always swear by bbedit.

@cancel according to the wikipedia page, bbedit was spun off the text editor control in think c, so if you’re going to be primarily coding in c, think c might be a think to try too

@cancel by “ i was never” - i am now as of 2006. but that was long after the osx transition of course

@zens I already have THINK C. I don't have any plans to use it. (I don't think there is anything special about BBEdit for editing C code.)

@cancel no it is literally just think c, but without the compiler

@zens The TCL (THINK Class Libraries) were bundled with THINK Pascal and THINK C, and came with a bunch of pre-made controls wrapped for OOP, like list views and a text edit widget and tool palettes. The THINK C compiler is a standalone compiler, it doesn't have a GUI.

@cancel oh, then the wiki page must just mean that bbedit (bare bones tect editor) is just the think c text editor control wrapped in a simple standalone app.

@zens Yeah I think it is "just" the TCL text editor control in a window with some extras.

@zens I tried making something with it for a few minutes once when playing around. My initial impression is that it's an early-ish form of OOP crap that uses up a lot of code and doesn't do very much, and adds significant slowness on top of the actual functionality you want :P

Maybe it's actually better once you get used to it, but I dunno.

@cancel it seems to be the price for being able to open files bigger than 32k. but are you saying they’re slow even in sped up emulation?

@zens The QUED/M 2.7.2 demo is lightning fast and can open huge files.

@cancel i wonder why everyone always swore by bbedit? maybe it was better in the os8/9 era hardware

@zens I think it got more popular right as PowerPC was kicking in, and the overhead didn't matter as much, and it was quick to adopt OS 8 and OS 9 features.

@zens And System 7.5 and 7.6 features. (I'm sticking to the 7.1 and earlier era, for now.)

@cancel looks like there’s an official list of reccomended text editors for mini vmac. sorry if this is annoying, but here it is in case you missed it.

@zens I've seen that page. That's a list of "free to distribute and rehost" text editors kept by the author of Mini vMac. I've tried all of those.

QUED/M 2.7, the non-demo version, I can't find anywhere on the internet, which is why I asked about it.

@cancel ahm. okay. i’ll see if i have any better luck looking for it, but if not, sorry for wasting your time

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@zens There is an IDE that goes with it, Symantec Project Manager, but it's not C specific.

THINK Pascal, on the other hand, has a Pascal-specific IDE.

@cancel I think I used bbedit on the Mac SE circa 1993. probably bbedit lite 2.5. I didn't need to open big files though.

@eqe Yeah, I don’t necessarily need to open big files. I just want multiple undo and not a resource hog. Does 2.5 have multiple undo?

@cancel it's been a loooong time since I used it, sorry :)

@eqe I can’t seem to find it available for download, anyway

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