Recently in public statements in front of Congress, to customers, and in court, Apple has claimed that there were two eras in selling software: in boxes on retail shelves, and then their App Store.

Apple is full of shit. They're trying to erase the largest and most significant way people have sold software: directly to others, online.

"What It Was Like to Sell Apps Online in 2003"

@cancel Also: guess who had "package repositories" first?

And unrelatedly who had popup notifications first?

@cancel @neauoire this is important! i remember this, as i am old enough, and wish to have others who are younger know there was indeed a difference. did you know that many kids in america under 25 cannot even dig a hole in the ground properly, or cook a meal for themselves? it’s really terrifying, especially since they will be coming of age entirely dependent on commercial infrastructure..

@cancel I've started selling an app online in 1995, if my memory serves.

So, yeah, they're forgetting a little bit of history. Also, Steam, BeDepot , etc. And of course every Linux package manager (although without the "selling" part).

@cancel More than a million people bought Doom 1 directly from ID through mail order in *1993*.

1 9 9 3.

@theneko @cancel And we have no idea how many more pirated it, or just played the shareware

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