Ripcord test builds for the next release (WIP, not finished)

Fixes username & password sign-in on Slack (changed on server), fixes file upload on Slack (changed on server), adds new permissions admin stuff to Discord, adds new experimental disk IO/memory tuning option, adds option to highlight current tab with a colored line, adds dedicated mute button in Discord voice calls, and more stuff I don't have space for here.

By the way, for any Linux users trying the test builds, I'd like to know if you're able to get Ripcord to deadlock (freeze) when using the new experimental "Use fewer disk reads/writes" option.

There's a deadlock in the threading code, and I want to see how often people hit it. (This is due to some SQLite behavior in in-memory mode, which I can mitigate if necessary, but maybe it won't happen in practice! Maybe?)

@cancel Updated and running. Will let you know if it happens!

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