Cover art I did for a friend's electronic single, in 1990s style, using tools from the 1990s.

Part of a free community-made DDR clone with all original music and art that won't get your stream or video DMCA'd. Download:

@cancel I only managed to make awful stuff with it, but it was amazing nonetheless.

@cancel Oh man, Bryce takes me back. I remember I had either a trial/demo or an older version somewhere in late 90s/early 2000s from a magazine CD. I loved messing with it, but never really managed to make anything with it. Makes me want to give it a spin.

Did you use it on a more period machine, or does it work without much issue on modern systems?

@flame @FredBednarski I run it in a Windows XP virtual machine. It's a little bit messed up there. I probably should have picked Windows 98 instead.

@cancel @flame I have a thin client running XP (started making it into late 90s/early2000s gaming machine and never finished), so I might give it a try there :)

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