I have a MacBook Pro 16" (2019) that I was given as a gift. I use it once every two weeks to test software in a newer version of macOS than my old beater MacBook (which I use a few times a week.)

It just bricked itself applying a security update. You have to be kidding me.

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“Well, they might be an abusive corporation on multiple fronts, but you have to admit their hardware is high quality.”

This machine never moved from a single place in a humidity and temperature controlled office. Fewer than 200 hours of operating time. 🤷‍♂️

@cancel Apple makes good hardware, but their software is constantly a trash fire.

You can't even load their developer site on a mobile device. Like it just crashes.

@mibzman Pretty sure their hardware blows ass, too. I mean, this thing just killed itself. It's in perfect condition. I have it in a humidity controlled environment in a covered container over 99% of the time. The battery never goes below 40%.

@cancel dang, that's really bad. I wonder if it's a recent development, I've got a 10 year old MacBook that still works well

@mibzman I have a 10 year old and a 7 year. They both work fine. Though the 10 year old has held up better than the 7 year old, despite being treated a lot more roughly (lots of live shows.)

@cancel "yeah they may be abusive but you have to admit it's pretty easy to get a new one when it breaks"

@cancel Dang. I still use a 2012 air(not exclusively). It seems like the key is to stop upgrading the OS at some point. 2019 is too recent for failure though.

@anandra I have a 2013 pro still on 10.12 and it works fine.

@cancel wtf, that’s brutal. Yeah, I bought the first Intel-powered Mac Mini when it came out, and some chip on the logic board burned out (literally) after like 1yr. Their stuff isn’t any better than any other decently-reputed vendor.

@amatecha I think the security update failed to apply properly and the "T2 security chip" has now locked the system from even powering on.

@cancel Gotta love it. Maybe there’s a known “jailbreak” or exploit of some kind to resurrect it? Ugh… good luck resolving it, no clue what to suggest :(

@amatecha Take it to Apple and see what happens, I guess. It's all I can do.

@cancel … I can foresee losing all the data on the device if the suggested “repair” is a new logic board (🤬). Hope you had anything important backed up?! 😓

@amatecha Only some trivial stuff. If the suggested repair is a new logic board, I'm probably screwed, because it's out of warranty, and I don't think I can drop $1200 or whatever to repair this.

@amatecha I actually *tried* to buy the extended warranty for it while it was still within the window to do so, but that was back in Feb 2020 during the initial COVID panic in Japan, and I couldn't get to an Apple store to do it.

@amatecha Ironically, that's one of the reasons I was afraid to use this machine as a regular laptop.

@cancel Ahh, no doubt. I’m the same way, I feel really uncomfortable trying to rely on a device I know will be prohibitively expensive to repair if it stops working… I haven’t bought new computer technology since like 2016, and that was just a GPU 😅

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