MarkovJunior is a probabilistic programming language where programs are combinations of rewrite rules and inference is performed via constraint propagation.

@cancel I have barely enough to even start braining this, but WOW some really cool visuals coming out of this project

@cancel are these all "waveform collapse" automata?

@cancel this is an incredible reference of concise explanations and demonstrations of a wide variety of procgen algorithms. are there any major ones you feel are missing or otherwise don't fit this approach well?

@cancel i've been dreaming of something like this, and there it is!

@aeva @cancel it's thrilling. i hope to port this to frameloop eventually, it's a perfect application for it.

@cancel When I finally realized what I was looking at, the multiagent sokoban solver animation blew my mind. Of course the rules wouldn’t care if there was one red element or a dozen. Such an elegant hive mind that never trips itself or gets in its own way any more than it pushes a boulder where it shouldn’t. The problem of pathfinding around other pathfinding agents has always twisted me up and this just mocks the problem.

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