Uxn32, layout.h, PhantomStyle, Orca-c peeps: due to the unending avalanche of spam on GitHub that started yesterday, I will no longer be seeing pull requests, support messages, tickets, and the like. My email system now flags it ALL as spam. You will need to email me directly.

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@cancel I also had to make special rules for github, the automated emails were just clogging up my inbox :/

@neauoire I've gotten 200+ in the last 24 hours. I'd have to un-train my email system to not recognize them as spam at this point :P So into spam they all go!

@neauoire And yeah these are actual spam, with ASCII art porn, single letter replies, etc.

@cancel Oh, actual spam?! Weird, github accounts that post spam? I only ever have that happen to me once a year during the t-shift giveaway thing.

@neauoire Yeah, someone found a flaw in GitHub's roles system and a bunch of people are going around using it to spam the crap out of large projects. There's no way to get out of it. On some projects like Unreal Engine, each spam message sends 400k+ emails, and GitHub's email sender is like hours behind in backlog and spewing them out. LOL

@neauoire So even if you 'unsubscribe' from these spam threads as soon as you see them, the queued emails keep arriving for hours.

@neauoire Unreal Engine. But it's happening on others, too.

@cancel @neauoire i woke up to the unreal engine spam and the first one i opened to see what was going on was a goatse 😞

@cancel @neauoire 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

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