I was searching for some technical thing on Google yesterday, and the first 10 results were all automated SEO spam sites reposting stuff from other sites and filling the page with garbage and nonsense. It's gotten worse and worse recently, and Google seems to have stopped caring.

Trying out Kagi now. It lets you add domains to block from the results.

(I know there are browser extensions to do this client-side for Google. It's not the same. Google results after first 15 are random junk.)

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(This wasn't what I was searching for. I'm using it as an example.) I use ddg mostly, but that's because I'm a cheap ass and I use bangs and the interface isn't as garbage as searx

@jessica @cancel Google provides the best and most relevant search experience for me. Only issue I have with it is it requires JavaScript and is bloated.
@jessica @cancel It's the only one which provides anything of relevance for most of my searches. DDG is terrible.

@jessica ddg proudly censors the web. They blocked my site a couple of months ago. I know it's not that good, I'm just kinda using it because it isn't google to be honest I don't use ddg more rather I use the bangs to call up other engines

@cancel this happens with DDG too it's so fucking annoying, especially combined with this trend of "join our discord server if you have any questions"

@cancel I've been observing the same lately.
One thing that sometimes help is to include "-2022" in the query... but we really need some real solutions, maybe new search engines.
Care to share your thoughts on Kagi?

@gudinoff well, the block thing is great so far, but it'll take me at least a few days to get a general idea of how the whole thing is.

@cancel I've been trying it out the past couple of days after seeing this. It's very good! I had been keeping my eyes out for a paid search engine and this seems to be what I'm looking for. Thanks for recommending it

@cancel Kagi is great, I’m a big fan. But also $10/mo for a search engine is a bit much. After they went into public beta and they enforced the pricing and the query limit, I went to Neeva. Same customization, no ads, unlimited queries. They use other additional integrations for their paid plan. Enjoying it atm

@cain Seems like Neeva is region locked -- refuses to let me use it from Japan and redirects me to enter my email address to be notified in the future. No thanks.

@cain But thanks for letting me know, either way :)

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