I went from Blender 2.93 to 3.2.1, and man, it crashes a lot now :/ Just me? Maybe it's time for me to go back to C4D or something.

@thedaemon the scripts I rely on to make Blender usable at all have dropped support for 2.93, because of so many breaking API changes in Blender's Python stuff

@cancel can you use older versions of the scripts? I see your problem. Sorry. I have 2 instances of Blender, lts and Bleeding edge.


@thedaemon I mean, I guess? If I wanted to use the same old version of 3D software forever, I'd just go back to Softimage or something :P Blender has a lot of problems, and knowing that they would definitely never get fixed (due to using old version) would be pretty sad.

3.2.1 isn't bleeding edge, it's the main download on their site.

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@cancel I don't have problems with Blender but I mostly model and animate. What kind of issues are you having? Are you filing bug reports? I have used Blender since it went open source, so I'd gladly try to help you with my knowledge if I am able. :flan_dalf:

ps. I call the latest version bleeding edge, sorry if that bothers you but that's what I call it.

@thedaemon I'm not sure how to get diagnostics out of it. It seems to crash when switching viewport shading modes, but it's not predictable. I can sit there for 5 minutes switching between them rapidly and it's fine. But then I will work for a while, switch once, and then it's toast.

@cancel which GPU are you working with and OS? I can try some tests

@thedaemon Windows 10 1809, GeForce 1080. I don't use GPU rendering with Cycles. Blender rarely crashed in the past. You don't need to test for me, I was just wondering if this is normal or not. I can count on 1 hand the number of times Blender had crashed on me in prior 24 months, and now it happens every couple of hours. (It's fine if I go back to 2.93, but...)

@cancel Also could try other 3.x versions. I have AMD GPU now, doh. I use eevee mostly, you using eevee? The shader creation phase is where I'm thinking it's crashing.

@thedaemon i've narrowed it down. seems to happen when switching to in-viewport cycles cpu shading. it sometimes starts rendering, then crashes a fraction of a second later (maybe like 300ms.)

@cancel That's probably why I haven't had the crash, I rarely use Cycles. Doh!

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