"I find the vision of freely trading ideas, techniques, and code appealing—I am passionate myself about sharing information and ideas ... I want a world in which there is a strong population of craftsmen developers, who deeply care about the quality of their software, and who mentor each other to further pursue the limits of computing.

Unfortunately, throwing our code [at and to] large corporations—will not get us there... "

The Gullible Software Altruist

@cancel Interesting article, I think I largely agree with it. At least if me self-hosting my own browserengine code is any indication...

The way EEE is explained there does remind me of the state of webbrowsers...

@cancel You know, a major reason why I went my route is because centralized services are who are causing most of the struggles for amateur browserengine dev... I did not want to feed into that mindset!

Though it is worth noting: Compared to other silos GitHub is relatively good.

@alcinnz @cancel

> Though it is worth noting: Compared to other silos GitHub is relatively good.

Guess you might say, their #EEE strategy is pretty ingenious.

Many fedizens are rightly psyched about #ForgeFederation efforts. But what I'm advocating is to look broader, to the..

Free Software Development Lifecycle (#FSDL)

Both #Github and #Gitlab aren't positioned as #forge but as full-service software automation platforms. And on that scope they do EEE.

@alcinnz @cancel

That doesn't mean that we shouldn't focus on federating #forges but just that we should beware of the risk to let that terminology limit our scope.

Federating the #FSDL is a grand opportunity, that'll allow plenty of different #FOSS projects and communities to flock around that vision.

Together the ecosystem that is formed there can be positioned as "forging software", as the arts and crafts. The #forge then will be a terminology that truly encompasses free software culture.

@humanetech @cancel I have to say, the approach which personally interests me is not so much allowing one forge to interface to another, but more to reduce the pain of joining new forges. Or broader than that new forums, etc!

In otherwords: sign up should be made much more trivial (and secure)! Which requires the participation of browsers, which I'm in a unique position to deliver...

@csepp @humanetech @cancel Yup! With GNOME Keyring & KWallet integration, & in turn Bitwarden, etc. I have checked & they do support this!

@cancel I mostly agree with the sentiment, but find a couple odd points;


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