For anyone reading another part of this thread and wondering why I viciously ripped some guy apart in the replies, his first words were a personal accusation & attack. He probably does this to lots of people. He can fuck off.


Patch notes: implemented incremental mark and sweep

@rezmason @cancel they finally made garbage collection in real life \o/

@cancel 100 tons / year… would take 1000y to grab it all, *if* we stopped right now sending more into it.

Also, how much CO2 does this release? I guess it's better than nothing.

@mmu_man @cancel it's not that much yet, but a lot of things grow exponentially and that appears to be their goal, so i wouldn't discount it as pointless.

@mastodon @cancel yes there's probably room for optimisation, also there's an awareness motive to it.

@cancel so you're happy that 1/1000th of what floats in that part of the oceans has been removed. 8 MILLIONS of tons enter the oceans EVERY YEAR. this is the usual kind of feel-good project that seduces so many, while not solving nothing at all: if you shave 1mm from 1m you failed miserably, if it's 1mm from 8km (a year)... this kind of problem is much better faced at the social and legal levels than with naive engineering.

@zabow they are also stopping the garbage before it enters in Brazil and Phillip pines. How about you actually read about it. Or just fuck off, doomer

@zabow people like you are why there’s so much perceived friction to improve anything and there are so many vocal cynical assholes. Keep your helpless death cult to yourself

@zabow Seems you lacked preparedness for this confrontation. I see how it is. You like the roaming around and dishing out, but aren't so much a fan of receiving.

@cancel says the one telling me "Or just fuck off, doomer"

@zabow You've replied twice with no actual substance, information or refutation. Conveniently, you ignore that my original reply, before I told you to fuck off, refutes the only point you tried to make. But because you had done no research and know nothing about this large, long-running cleanup project, you had no idea that part of the project is a worldwide international effort that stops & filters plastics at river mouths & chokepoints before it enters the ocean.

@zabow You aren't expected to know this by default. But you replied with contrarian bullshit, and opened your paragraph with a personal attack on me. If you're going to personally insult & attack me, at least do some research.

@zabow If you don't want to look like a pathetic jackass, don't go picking internet fights with better-informed strangers. Don't open up with a personal attack on the person posting something. There are people out in the real world working to make it a better place. You sit using your computer on the internet writing contrarian snippets, wanting to convince people they're bad and should feel bad.

You're a net negative on civilization. Think about your behavior and influence on the world. Bye.

@cancel actually I did read the whole page of the project when it was presented and I confess that I liked it before doing some back of the envelope calculations. I just told you what I think about it and you started the name-calling. ciao, stammi bene.

@cancel "if doing x doesn't solve the problem entirely and instantly it should not be done" kind of people are not my favorite bunch

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