@cancel Haha! I mean, have you used a certain engine to make it, did you write the 1-bit shader, can you share any dithering techniques… :P

@vladh yeah I wrote it all. the dithering is just a threshold map

@cancel That vibe. Really like the perspective, atmosphere and style. Would you mind elaborating a bit on the process? Is this by code?

@rostiger @zvava yeah it's using Blender. I wrote a bunch of code and stuff to do it. I don't really like Blender but I couldn't find another program I could do this with, without involving multiple separate programs in a chain. I made these tools originally for the Hyperjam in 2020 and added a bit to it. The frustration of building non-trivial scenes in Blender has limited my usage of it.

@cancel this fucks. i'd really like to see more of this style! did you use blender to make this?

@cancel This reminds me of "Return of the Obra Dinn" =)

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