@cancel I've replied to @dheadshot in the comments, it's up to you. Hiding the `k` in LIT opcodes is kind of hiding the reality of the value right?

@neauoire @dheadshot yeah. but you can still see the hex value beside it either way.

@neauoire @dheadshot Done and pushed to the master branch. Try it out? :)

@cancel @dheadshot yeah.. I can't seem to be able to install wine on the pinebook properly 😡 I have an issue with pacman and pgp

@neauoire @dheadshot ヽ(°〇°)ノ here is my completely shocked face that the package manager broke

@cancel @dheadshot it broke in a way that people on forum says I should set ablaze and start over, which seems like it's pretty typical of arch as it turns out?

@neauoire @dheadshot I made a thread on Twitter on this topic this year and many people agreed strongly with me but it also gathered lots of replies from angry linux and FOSS people that it either doesn’t happen and I’m just a fluke, or that I’m bad at computers

@cancel it's better to not talk about computers on the internet.

@neauoire @dheadshot you just know the people writing those replies were fresh off of a new reinstall a few weeks prior after their distro broke again

@cancel @neauoire @dheadshot not nix, though (But nix isn't ready for non-tinkerers, bad documentation/api design. Wont be surprised if fuchsia arrives sooner.)

@faun @cancel @neauoire @dheadshot Also not an issue on Guix. UwU
Ekaitz even wrote an email on the mailing list about successfully updating a 2 year old installation. I've personally updated mine after about a year, with no issues.
I hope I can make it nomad friendly, there is room for optimization when it comes to download speeds and package sizes. But damn is it reliable.

@cancel @faun @neauoire @dheadshot contrary at what some docs writes, you should never use nix-env :-S. I never tried Arch but now I don't want anymore lol.

@neauoire @cancel @dheadshot the cursed-est distro

put Gentoo (I'm somehow not kidding), Alpine, a BSD, or 9front on that thing when you reimage it next month

or just feed it to Neptune

@klardotsh @neauoire @cancel @dheadshot

count this as an angry linux user reply haha

but all the distros kinda suck in their own ways and the one in question mostly works most of the time, being really broken once in a few years or so

If we could count the integrated amount of pain and frustration in using a computer caused by a distro - arch will do quite ok compared to anything else!

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