@astrosnail Sometimes it's the entire things that are gone, not just a link being dead.

@cancel yeah, like the other day i wanted to know what the early ps2 linux scene was like, had to do a lot of digging in wayback machine.

i still call it link rot because i was linked there and it doesn't exist anymore (but i have the link so i can search it on the wayback machine). maybe there's a better name for it

@madargon It's because useful websites/pages are going offline

@cancel the actual archive part is still a better search engine than google these days 😌

@cancel Seems like knowledge-loss and someone trying to avoid it. Or maybe just nostalgia. 🤔

@cancel I've not seen this referred to before, but I'd call it the archival horizon.

@tendigits @cancel oooooh I like this one. gonna have to steal that if I ever need to refer to this concept

@cancel trying to work with tech from the early 2000's?

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