Spent half the day on orca-c code housekeeping. (Several hundred of these lines are just indentation changes due to loop restructuring.)

Moved OSC settings to the menus in orca-c, added being able to change it while the program is running, and made it save those settings to the conf file.

where's my blobsweat emoji

ORCΛ bytebeat

wire MIDI CC value directly to audio output device (normalized to -1..1)

controlling the frequency by BPM. set the BPM above 10000 to get it into audio range.

(bad quality due to having to run OBS and JACK at the same time to record it, and none of this stuff was designed to do this, haha)

Seems like MIDI event timestamps are being lost between being sent from orca and being processed in sunvox. Though if you drop the audio buffer size in sunvox down to 2ms, it'll at least process the MIDI events with 2ms granularity.

Ah yes, Linux userland. Where trying to run a music program leads me to a prompt telling me I need to reboot and also if I screw up I will lock everyone out of the machine.

Added options for using box drawing characters or regular characters for orca-c's grid components

Ripcord 0.4.22 released: cancel.fm/ripcord/

Too many section tabs in Preferences. Now it's a list/tree. Plus some fixes for stale Slack DMs and group DMs not reappearing in the sidebar after opening tabs for them.

Full changelog: dev.cancel.fm/changelog

Extremely high-tech clipboard support for TUI software

Making orca-c easier to use by making more stuff accessible via in-UI menu options, and saving the settings in orca.conf

Tested and added explicit support for the tcc compiler to orca-c. Builds in 40 milliseconds.


Ripcord 0.4.21 is out. Slack stuff in the sidebar has been overhauled, and Slack channel muting is now supported. cancel.fm/ripcord/

Ripcord 0.4.20 is out, with support for Unicode 12 emoji in both Slack and Discord. Plus some small optimizations and bug fixes. cancel.fm/ripcord/

Can someone explain this stuff to me?

Linux FOSS people mock and deride Apple while simultaneously copying the bad parts of their user-hostile behavior.

Bonus achievement: using the word "curate" 6 times in a blog post about repackaging software.

I must not be understanding something here. What's the motivation to do this? I don't get it.

After 3 years of development in alpha, my shareware Slack and Discord chat client is now available to buy cancel.fm/ripcord/

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