Can someone explain this stuff to me?

Linux FOSS people mock and deride Apple while simultaneously copying the bad parts of their user-hostile behavior.

Bonus achievement: using the word "curate" 6 times in a blog post about repackaging software.

I must not be understanding something here. What's the motivation to do this? I don't get it.

After 3 years of development in alpha, my shareware Slack and Discord chat client is now available to buy

A lesson. If you're going to be forcibly patronizing, and not allow users to control things, and box in other devs: don't fuck up. Really, don't fuck up. Because you removed your ability to excuse yourself by denying agency to others. (The other web companies are just as bad.)

@neauoire ok, the portmidi branch now sends midi, for real. i tested it with the IAC stuff on mac and it works fine. the note lengths (and velocity) might not be what you expect, since 0 will be 1 bar, 3 will be a quarter note, etc. (not sure what state the js version is with regards to that)

I've just merged a big change to the C version Orca: the semantics of the virtual machine are now single-pass. Start in the top left, go line by line to the bottom right. That's all. No more haste/two-phase/split behavior.

It's much easier to reason about, and easier to explain. I haven't yet found any cases where you can't do something that could have been done before. I would be interested in anyone to hear from @Lutrinus and anyone else about this.

@somnius wtf is this image in the bottom left? it prevents me from clicking the post/toot button

Finally added the "save as" dialog to Orca-c. Asynchronous/non-blocking form input handling with ncurses is hard.

Reading Wikipedia through the telnet gateway. You just type the word you want to look up and the article appears in plaintext immediately.


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