I traced two of the of the peanut people doodles from @rek 's amazing North Pacific logbook so that I could put them on my desktop

Read the logbook here: 100r.co/site/north_pacific_log

Exasperated by Qt's buggy/janky built-in platform agnostic style engine, for my commercial software project ( cancel.fm/ripcord/ ), I wrote a new Qt style engine, Phantom, and also released it as open source: github.com/randrew/phantomstyl

The open source KeePassXC project has released version 2.6.0, which uses the Phantom code for their new cross-platform theme: keepassxc.org/blog/2020-07-07-

Ripcord 0.4.26 (Slack & Discord client) released:

Live GUI theme editor, duplicate notification suppression for Slack, middle-mouse button scrolling, fixed stuck failed file upload messages for Discord, and more.

Full changelog:

Next update to Ripcord will add a live theme editor

Another "finally" for the next update of Ripcord: option to show popup notifications even when the app is already in the foreground.

(previously, with just a checkbox: no way to have "always")

Next version of Ripcord will finally have live theme changing
(including a custom theme, if you use one)

Version 0.4.25 of Ripcord, the Slack and Discord client, released: cancel.fm/ripcord/

Updated support for Slack username & password sign-in to work again. Opening accounts tab on launch now optional. And it got smaller and faster. Changelog: dev.cancel.fm/changelog

My thoughts on Zoom acquiring Keybase?

Here's a screenshot of the Keybase client in March 2020, the last time I tried to use it. It had turned itself into a black rectangle after an auto-update in October 2019. It stayed that way across multiple updates. Its memory usage rose with each update. There isn't a way to quit it from the UI.

I posted this last night, and a few people told me they didn't get it. The explanation surprised them.

The document with the graphical comments and fully controllable formatting is also the source code for the program. It's actually being compiled and run.

The compiler doesn't have any special support for this particular document format.

This is real.

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