Combination electric moka pot and USB-C battery bank laptop dock and duck

Reserved identifiers in C

You aren't supposed to create identifiers that match these patterns, if you're trying to write portable, future-proof C code. But you probably are. We all are.

Because these rules aren't nice, and you won't be warned that you've broken one.

Is it worth it?

Adapted from

Cosmopolitan C Library: "build-once run-anywhere c without devops"

Purports to create small ~40kb executables that run on Linux, Mac, Windows, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD. In the same binary.

"Zen and the Art of Resource Editing, Fourth Edition" foreword, written by... ?!

12" cover art I did for a friend's single. Trance.

Part of an all-original, free content pack for DDR-like, released yesterday.

@tehn I've had this guy since 2007 :) Followed me here to Tokyo.

@neauoire I noticed the headers in the readme markdown file on for orca don't display the code spans as intended (right is GitHub.)

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