12" cover art I did for a friend's single. Trance.


Part of an all-original, free content pack for DDR-like, released yesterday.

@tehn I've had this guy since 2007 :) Followed me here to Tokyo.

@neauoire I noticed the headers in the readme markdown file on sr.ht for orca don't display the code spans as intended (right is GitHub.)

I traced two of the of the peanut people doodles from @rek 's amazing North Pacific logbook so that I could put them on my desktop

Read the logbook here: 100r.co/site/north_pacific_log

Exasperated by Qt's buggy/janky built-in platform agnostic style engine, for my commercial software project ( cancel.fm/ripcord/ ), I wrote a new Qt style engine, Phantom, and also released it as open source: github.com/randrew/phantomstyl

The open source KeePassXC project has released version 2.6.0, which uses the Phantom code for their new cross-platform theme: keepassxc.org/blog/2020-07-07-

Ripcord 0.4.26 (Slack & Discord client) released:

Live GUI theme editor, duplicate notification suppression for Slack, middle-mouse button scrolling, fixed stuck failed file upload messages for Discord, and more.

Full changelog:

Next update to Ripcord will add a live theme editor

Another "finally" for the next update of Ripcord: option to show popup notifications even when the app is already in the foreground.

(previously, with just a checkbox: no way to have "always")

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