@Lutrinus @neauoire it wouldn't be too hard to add... someone just needs to glue it together

Looking for suggestions for a general-purpose outline (vector) icon set for a desktop application. The icons need to read well at 96 DPI and small sizes. Paid/commercial offerings are fine.

@jere i don't really know what to do about it. just try to avoid bad/broken stuff as much as possible? i'm going to end up in a cave with CRT and a desktop tower from the late 90s.

@jere excessive pre-emptive modularization is how you end up with something like freedesktop/dbus, where everything is indirected and it's impossible to tell what's going on

i don't have any easy answers. i don't know what to do about the situation except to hope that people stop making *bad* software. there are just too many people making bad, overcomplicated, malfunctioning stuff. "just don't be dumb lol" is obviously not a real answer. people aren't trying to be dumb (usually.)

@jere i could go on and on. there are so many layers of indirection, compatibility, and dependencies that hardly anyone expects stuff to work unless you declare software bankruptcy and stick everything into a virtualized container, because the dependency/complexity system failed so badly that not only does it not work, you can't even remove it.

@jere sure. that stuff is real. i'm talking about even more stuff that's totally unnecessary complexity: want to put an icon in a system tray? that involves 4 daemons using pipes to communicate to each other with 3 layers of encoded/escaped text mixed with XML. it's unnecessary. it's poorly designed. and we just keep piling more crap on top like that.

pulseaudio is another example. it's really bad. but it was pushed through to mainstream usage by internal distro politics. not because it's good.

@jere @neauoire it's possible to make something better. i know it's possible, because we used to have them.

@neauoire also, VMs will distort stuff like latency and timing info. and add noise to benchmarking and profiling.

@neauoire hardware debugging utilities don't work in VMs (CPU data breakpoints, GPU tracing, etc.)

@neauoire yeah, i don't know what to do about it. i talk about it like every day with other programmers.

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