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@paul @codesections The original Fortran was limited to 6 characters for identifier names. Maybe just copied from that?

@codesections Sort of :) If the compiler you're using says it's OK to do it in the manual, then it's OK to do it. gcc and clang and msvc could all handle it just fine. I'm not sure if tcc could, though.

@codesections It makes the compiler more simple. char name[9] is a lot easier to deal with than some kind of string interning and pooling system. And these systems didn't have much memory by today's standards. A significant portion of it would be taken up by the identifiers themselves during linking.

@codesections Did you know that C compilers are still only required to support up to 4095 characters on a line of source code? If you have a line of code in your C program that's longer than that, the standard doesn't guarantee it has to be compiled correctly :)


It was so the compiler and linker didn't have to worry too much about identifier length, yeah. C also had this limitation during that era. That's why functions in the std library are named 'strcat', 'memcpy', etc.

Neither C nor Pascal compilers have had this limitation for decades.

@rostiger @thomasorus I meant you are probably using sprintf() instead of snprintf() or something

@rostiger @thomasorus (Unless some other library or piece of code specifically asked you to allocate a buffer of a certain size, and you failed to do it. But copying or printing a formatted string into a buffer that's too small shouldn't cause a corruption, unless you are using the bad C string functions.)

@rostiger @thomasorus Well, you are probably doing something else wrong. Because allocating a too-small buffer for a string should result in an error code path in your application or the string being truncated, not corruption.

@thomasorus @rostiger get on IRC if you want interactive help. Conversations on Mastodon suck :)

@stragu no no lol. just that Texas is either third or first place in the U.S. for transitioning to renewable energy production (whether you count hydroelectric or not). so it's not like they aren't trying to transition.

@stragu I didn't highlight those, they're just weirdly styled hyperlinks in the article.

@stragu @neauoire also, I'm not blaming wind power for the problem (it definitely wasn't — in fact, it was operating better or about what is expected for this time of the year, according to the authorities) but the grid would still have had problems. This was an organizational failure and a failure to winterize in general.

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released a little racing game with team minit today! $3, all proceeds will go to charity, forever. first up is doctors without borders.

made over the course of a month, i did art + animation

@khm I remember being able to flip some bits in the FireGL drivers circa 2003 to get them to run with Radeon cards, which gave them the "real" OpenGL implementation that worked with CAD and other non-game GL software.

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