@ciel No, you can get much faster and cleaner at it. Don't be afraid to try tools other than blender. Blender is not as good as its internet keyboard warriors would have you think :)

(it's quite good at some things, though)

@Preston it actually only takes a few hours, if you can live with ugly writing for a bit. I think I did it in an afternoon when I was 11 or 12 or something.

@Jessica @Preston @dualhammers I like having a separate, standalone numpad and a tenkeyless keyboard :)

@Preston Nah it's fine I'm not offended. You'd have to do something really crazy to offend or upset me. I was just writing short messages.

@Preston It definitely worked against my favor when I was younger, since I first learned to write with my left hand, for whatever reason. Being left-handed in schools in the late 80s and early 90s sucked. I don't know if it's any better today. Eventually I learned to write with my right hand :)

Other than that, it doesn't seem to matter too much.

@Preston It's not a skill. It also doesn't mean I'm ambidextrous, because I'm not.

@Preston @dualhammers I don’t mind having a numpad on the left, but I don’t like it on the right since it makes the minimum distance to the mouse pretty long

@Preston @rek @neauoire it’s probably not any more greasy than the pizzas, and I eat those a couple of times a year

@Preston @rek @neauoire haha maybe I’ll try that even though I’ll probably need a few hours to recover

@dualhammers @Preston good to know! I saw that mentioned in a video review I watched a few hours ago, too.

@Preston @dualhammers I hadn't seen this video yet, but I'm a fan of this guy, and it's a good review :)

@Preston @dualhammers Yeah, the price is ridiculous. I think that's still less than IBM charged for a real Model F back in the day :)

@Preston @dualhammers One major limitation of the Model M is that it only has 2 key rollover (!) The Model F doesn't have this problem

@Preston @dualhammers I've heard the Unicomp keyboards aren't as good as the Model M because the tooling (molds and other factory parts) haven't been replaced in a while.

The Model M itself is a cost-cut version of the Model F. I think the later-year Model M's (which I'm assuming Unicomp is using the tooling for) are even more cost-cut.

If you want the real deal, apparently people have obtained the original design docs of the Model F, and made a new production run: modelfkeyboards.com/

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