@neauoire @tehn is that the same import tax that Apple lobbied to have itself excluded from?

@rek @glyph @neauoire almost looks like a purpose-built acoustic chamber

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@maya @neauoire my guess is because it didn't work and was making people at large hate environmentalism. I'm definitely not in favor of it, myself, and look poorly on anyone doing it.

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@csepp @neauoire I guess someone will have to create a safe programming language, first

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@neauoire Well, it ends up as tiles when put on the graphics hardware, but the graphics images themselves are compressed as RLE bit planes with some extra stuff.

@neauoire well, you can read a text explanation of it, too. There are several online :) That video is cool because of how much effort the creator went into for explaining things visually.

@neauoire you should try making a compressor for 2-bit graphics.

Been looking forward to MegaRust 2021 for a while, after last year's last-minute virtual event. Should be some good engineering talks on newly-standardized technologies and industry usage.


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@zens keep watching, it's not a joke. There's a reason.

@amatecha @neauoire @peregrine Yeah. Rust doesn't have a standard or specification. Which is fine. And I don't care if their code needs updating every few months. But insisting to other people that this isn't the case is stupid.

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