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It wouldn't surprise me if machine learning completely blows past the rest of computer science while we're still stuck arguing about line endings, registry, tabs and spaces, compiler flags, init scripts, cascading style sheets, and Lisp flavors.

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The way machine learning AI is done is not like normal programming. It doesn't suffer from those kinds of things, only the systems that support it (for now.) It's not stuck in the quagmire. From a software complexity standpoint, machine learning is simple and relies heavily on computational power and some math and very little on traditional software problems like expert systems, integration, parsers, resource management, protocols...


@eel You can also fix this by using the distro-provided Qt binaries instead of the bundled ones


(from wiki)

Do you see crazy corrupt text in some places in Ripcord on Linux? This is likely caused by a malformed emoji font and the FreeType installed on your system interacting with each other. See this ticket for details. If you're on Arch, you'll probably want to remove ttf-emojione-color and noto-fonts-emoji.

@kor @rek Do you add anything to the Origo fuel to make the flame more visible? Though, even without that, I suppose it's still more safe than a propane tank.

@rainonwires SimCity 2000. If you build 301 launch arcologies (most expensive arcology type, self-contained mini-city) they will blast off into space.

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@ruby0x1 since I will probably never change the code again except for bug fixes (only 1 real bug found in years) I'd suggest just copying it and modifying it for your project as needed. like changing the way it allocates memory or whatever.

@ruby0x1 :)

(use the test branch, it has a minor bug fix in it that you probably want)

@neauoire OK. Do you want me to set up a MOSH thing for you so you can use that even with a terrible connection?

@neauoire hey I thought you were going to do something useless

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Albatrosses are glam birds.

Drawing for the latest 100r video.

@npisanti @peregrine @neauoire maybe it was glfw and not sdl2. anyway, one of the packages was broken by his distro and they rolled it back after a few hours. the people unlucky enough to install the broken one were permanently screwed.

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