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Classic Mac tip: press Command-D to activate the "Don't Save" button in save/confirmation dialogs

Gonna be using Mastodon a lot this weekend. Wish someone had made a "Ripcord for Mastodon" or something :/

@0xxg4 "we have no idea what our software is doing or what computers are doing, what is even going on"

@tendigits there's no theme for what your content has to be. 5 minutes just means aim to make your thing take about 5 minutes for the player/viewer/audience/whatever to complete. it's not a hard rule and you don't have to be exact -- shorter or longer is fine.

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Finally, here are the official details for ! In the following link, you'll find setup instructions to get hypercard up and running, and some details about everything else!

@amorphous you can also assign actual reusable icons -- and edit those as well

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Oh, by the way, it only starts on Friday night.

Take the time to setup a good working environment in the meantime. 👋

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@neauoire @theruran you can double click to edit a button that's on the background without doing Cmd-B to go into background edit mode

@theruran @neauoire you are changing to a new card. the image you drew is on the background. the background is shown underneath every card. the cards are blank.

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