@stavros you must adopt the one true punk spelling and spell it poseur

@Lutrinus @neauoire what does that mean? that if a note-on is supposed to be sent, but if that note is already playing, it's just ignored?

Spent half the day on orca-c code housekeeping. (Several hundred of these lines are just indentation changes due to loop restructuring.)

@dualhammers @neauoire unless they're old enough to be your dad, i've probably been using linux longer, and i will claim it's a mess :P

@tbd @neauoire the problem isn't how to build software that links against SDL2. the problem is that he cannot install or build SDL2 itself. which prevents him from doing the former.

@neauoire yeah. unfortunately it's a huge amount of work.

@neauoire this is the quintessential demonstration of Linux userland being a broken mess. want to make software, can't. use browser instead.

@neauoire is your install of your distro broken? i don't know what that error message means

@neauoire you shouldn't need to build SDL2 yourself. your distro definitely has it available, pre-built.

@npisanti Sorry, that was a bug. It was supposed to accept an empty input to reset it to loopback, but it didn't. I fixed it.

@s_ol ah. I guess I'll wait a bit longer before trying again, still.

@s_ol how is zig? the last time I tried it a couple of months ago, none of the examples worked, because they had made changes to the syntax and nobody knew exactly what had changed.

@lains hmm, not sure what you're talking about. can you show me?

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