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@neauoire undo doesn't seem to work in dotgrid on chrome in windows. it should be ctrl+z, right?

@neauoire ok, the portmidi branch now sends midi, for real. i tested it with the IAC stuff on mac and it works fine. the note lengths (and velocity) might not be what you expect, since 0 will be 1 bar, 3 will be a quarter note, etc. (not sure what state the js version is with regards to that)

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@neauoire i pushed a new branch, 'portmidi'. it doesn't actually send MIDI output yet, but i'd like you to see if it builds for you. try this:

./tool --portmidi build debug orca

and see if it builds on your system(s)?

I've just merged a big change to the C version Orca: the semantics of the virtual machine are now single-pass. Start in the top left, go line by line to the bottom right. That's all. No more haste/two-phase/split behavior.

It's much easier to reason about, and easier to explain. I haven't yet found any cases where you can't do something that could have been done before. I would be interested in anyone to hear from @Lutrinus and anyone else about this.

in case you wondered what 8th note kick drums sound like at 1300bpm

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I've been listening to a kickdrum play 8th notes at 120bpm for 6 hours while debugging timing issues in orca-c. Extremely industrial.

@somnius wtf is this image in the bottom left? it prevents me from clicking the post/toot button

Why does Mastodon turn a 26kb lossless gif into a 120kb artifacty mpeg4?

make a 2D lookup table using an array of Ts. 16 Ts tall, with 'g' as the width for each T. The row the T is on represents the first number multiplied. x offset in each row of T represents the second number being multiplied. the result of the multiply is the value stored in the x cell that the chosen T reads from at the chosen x.

Finally added the "save as" dialog to Orca-c. Asynchronous/non-blocking form input handling with ncurses is hard.

Reading Wikipedia through the telnet gateway. You just type the word you want to look up and the article appears in plaintext immediately.


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