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I've released PhantomStyle, a cross-platform QStyle for Qt.

(if you saw this page an hour ago, I've just now also added screenshots)

@npisanti email me cancel at or use the merveilles Slack or message me using Keybase Chat. mastodon is not good for conversations (imo)

@neauoire make sure you pull again before editing orca-c, i made a couple of cleanups a few minutes ago

@neauoire do you think you should link to orca-c from the orca js github readme? it seems like some people don't realize it exists but are glad it does.

Multi-person conversations on Mastodon are a nightmare

@neauoire why does the OSC operator in OrcaJS have parameters set up like the old way in Orca-c, before you merged the PR that changed the parameters to all be on the right side?

@neauoire undo doesn't seem to work in dotgrid on chrome in windows. it should be ctrl+z, right?

@neauoire ok, the portmidi branch now sends midi, for real. i tested it with the IAC stuff on mac and it works fine. the note lengths (and velocity) might not be what you expect, since 0 will be 1 bar, 3 will be a quarter note, etc. (not sure what state the js version is with regards to that)

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@neauoire i pushed a new branch, 'portmidi'. it doesn't actually send MIDI output yet, but i'd like you to see if it builds for you. try this:

./tool --portmidi build debug orca

and see if it builds on your system(s)?

I've just merged a big change to the C version Orca: the semantics of the virtual machine are now single-pass. Start in the top left, go line by line to the bottom right. That's all. No more haste/two-phase/split behavior.

It's much easier to reason about, and easier to explain. I haven't yet found any cases where you can't do something that could have been done before. I would be interested in anyone to hear from @Lutrinus and anyone else about this.

in case you wondered what 8th note kick drums sound like at 1300bpm

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