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made the first demo of my upcoming works

"il piano delle ombre non si è ancora gentrificato"

if you don't want to watch it on youtube, it's the last post hosted on my website:

Best video I've seen in months. I can't believe I hadn't seen it before. It only had 400 views when I watched it yesterday.

Ripcord 0.4.23 released

Discord features have finally been updated. User list is fixed, @-completion now queries the server for more matches, new permissions flags can be managed, and more.


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Wrote another blog post about the cool DIY thermostat I built a while back.

@neauoire the main image on the orca-c repo readme is broken somehow

@somnius have you seen this happen before? (i'm glad i noticed!)

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@somnius there seems to be some kind of mastodon/tootsuite bug with editing your own profile. i was tweaking some minor things. then i came back a few hours later and was browsing, i noticed my account had 'lock' enabled, where i have to review new followers. i never enabled that option myself.

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Booting VMs of OSs from 15-20 years ago is a bad idea.

You realize how awful and incomprehensible personal computing is today.

Ready-to-Go pre-made ORCA-C bundle for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) preview release. Just download, unzip, and run.

@neauoire the orca-c readme doesn't have any screenshots... do you think we should add some?

Friendship ended with TWIDDLING

is my
best friend

gcc8, clang7, and tcc comparisons for a simple benchmark of the orca-c VM.

how many seconds to build.
how many bytes is the compiled program.
how many seconds to run 1,000,000 screens of the benchmark.

Deleted the 'classic' branch on the hundredrabbits orca-c repo. Current is the new classic.

@neauoire orca-c needs working examples. i have no idea what to do. the example files in there are all old and many don't work, i think.

The deed is done. orca-c now supports MIDI beat clock output. (And MIDI start/stop to go with it.)

Spent half the day on orca-c code housekeeping. (Several hundred of these lines are just indentation changes due to loop restructuring.)

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