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There's a QEMU advent calendar and it's kind of amazing. Every day is a new bootable VM that does something nifty.

Here's the day 4 entry, bootRogue, which is a roguelike that fits within a 512-byte boot sector. Whoa!

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@neauoire Day 5: "After boarding the flight, your seat neighbour is struggling to compile their React app with Webpack…"

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Finally done with the damn TIE Fighter model. Uploading to Artstation with turntable and 3d viewer.

The C Standard Does Not Protect You

"...the behavior of C’s governing body is very clear. We will not introduce warnings into your old code, even if that old code could be doing something dangerous. We will not steer you away from mistakes, because that could shake the veneer that what your old code does is, in fact, wrong. We will not make it easier for new programmers to write better C code."

@Lutrinus @ice can you guys try the pkg_config branch of orca-c and see if it still builds OK for you?

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Verrry nearly done with this damn model, just need to do a lowpoly pass on the wings and bake. Seriously happy with my pipeline now, after finding out that Marmoset handles baking much, much better than Substance.

12" cover art I did for a friend's single. Trance.

Part of an all-original, free content pack for DDR-like, released yesterday.

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I just realised what it is that I really like about this place.

I initially thought it was mostly because of shared interest with people here, but recently my interests changed dramatically and I still wanted to come back.

Now I see it’s something much more fundamental. People here actually listen to each other. Like, properly.

Everyone pays close attention to what others have said and they do their very best to provide thoughtful discourse. And that is something we all need much more of.

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