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AoC day 9 wasn't exciting, but at least it wasn't tedious :) I did this one as soon as it was posted, using my C++ starter file, but it mostly got in the way, because the problem was simple. Should have just used C for this one 😅

(Days 7 and 8 were the only other two I did right as they were posted, and they were harder problems. I had used C++ on those two days, but not the others.)

AoC 2020 Day 8 was the best so far. Actually fun! And I screwed up and wasted 10 minutes :) Time was 00:41:27

Finished Day 7 a few minutes ago. Finally, they're getting a little bit interesting :) Woo!

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There's a QEMU advent calendar and it's kind of amazing. Every day is a new bootable VM that does something nifty.

Here's the day 4 entry, bootRogue, which is a roguelike that fits within a 512-byte boot sector. Whoa!

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@neauoire Day 5: "After boarding the flight, your seat neighbour is struggling to compile their React app with Webpack…"

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Finally done with the damn TIE Fighter model. Uploading to Artstation with turntable and 3d viewer.

The C Standard Does Not Protect You

"...the behavior of C’s governing body is very clear. We will not introduce warnings into your old code, even if that old code could be doing something dangerous. We will not steer you away from mistakes, because that could shake the veneer that what your old code does is, in fact, wrong. We will not make it easier for new programmers to write better C code."

@Lutrinus @ice can you guys try the pkg_config branch of orca-c and see if it still builds OK for you?

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