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Question: what's the best classic Macintosh programmer's text editor that has multiple undo, and won't hog the memory on an 8mb RAM System 7 or 6 computer?

BBEdit 3 and later are too slow and use too much memory. QUED/M I could only find a demo version of 2.7.2 for, and 3.0 doesn't work in Mini vMac (copy protection shenanigans?)

AoC 2020 Day 12 done. Wasted 15 minutes because I typo'd a variable name 🤦

Most fun AoC 2020 day yet! Day 11 done :) Final time: 00:44:01

Just used plain C today.

"Zen and the Art of Resource Editing, Fourth Edition" foreword, written by... ?!

What was the first (known) maths mistake?

Beer, multiple numbering systems, accounting, civilization

Who are "(anonymous user #375802)" and "(anonymous user #997792)" on the Merveilles AoC private leaderboard?

AoC 2020 Day 10 done! That part of my brain needed dusting off :)

AoC day 9 wasn't exciting, but at least it wasn't tedious :) I did this one as soon as it was posted, using my C++ starter file, but it mostly got in the way, because the problem was simple. Should have just used C for this one 😅

(Days 7 and 8 were the only other two I did right as they were posted, and they were harder problems. I had used C++ on those two days, but not the others.)

AoC 2020 Day 8 was the best so far. Actually fun! And I screwed up and wasted 10 minutes :) Time was 00:41:27

Finished Day 7 a few minutes ago. Finally, they're getting a little bit interesting :) Woo!

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@neauoire Day 5: "After boarding the flight, your seat neighbour is struggling to compile their React app with Webpack…"

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