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Ripcord test builds for the next release (WIP, not finished)

Fixes username & password sign-in on Slack (changed on server), fixes file upload on Slack (changed on server), adds new permissions admin stuff to Discord, adds new experimental disk IO/memory tuning option, adds option to highlight current tab with a colored line, adds dedicated mute button in Discord voice calls, and more stuff I don't have space for here.

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@cancel More than a million people bought Doom 1 directly from ID through mail order in *1993*.

1 9 9 3.

Recently in public statements in front of Congress, to customers, and in court, Apple has claimed that there were two eras in selling software: in boxes on retail shelves, and then their App Store.

Apple is full of shit. They're trying to erase the largest and most significant way people have sold software: directly to others, online.

"What It Was Like to Sell Apps Online in 2003"

Meant to write "we talk about" but I'm pretty sure "we talking about" is an improvement.

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I'm on the newest episode of the Handmade Network Podcast. We talking about teaching and learning low-level programming while everything is conspiring against you, Pascal and C, weird compiler stuff, GUI stuff, and how your computer hates you.

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Combination electric moka pot and USB-C battery bank laptop dock and duck

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This guy has got it sorted. What a life. We walked down the canal, fed the ducks and geese, and the sun surprised everyone by making an appearance. There was a beautiful barge for sale... maybe in 20 years once the kids have left home.

Note for Ripcord users: Slack changed their username & password sign-in format yet again, and Ripcord will need to be updated for it. In the meantime, the "Import from Browser" option in Ripcord works fine, so just use that instead.

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released a little racing game with team minit today! $3, all proceeds will go to charity, forever. first up is doctors without borders.

made over the course of a month, i did art + animation

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