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Implemented the remaining features I needed in a text editor(copy/paste/find). I'm pretty happy to have this 10kb portable editor written in assembly.

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First time generating sounds from the Uxn implementation of Orca! The sounds are coming from Uxn's built-in synthesizer, 4 channels playing basic waveforms.

I've made a typo in this and now I just have to live with it.

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Down the Rabbit Hole — The Battle of May Island

The British Royal Navy's WW1 submarines. The greatest threat wasn't from enemy vessels. The greatest thread was from their own.

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Cover art I did for a friend's electronic single, in 1990s style, using tools from the 1990s.

Part of a free community-made DDR clone with all original music and art that won't get your stream or video DMCA'd. Download:

Version 0.4.29 of Ripcord, an alternative Slack and Discord client, is released.

Full changelog:

Another round of Ripcord test builds. Includes Mac this time. If there aren't any major problems, this will become the release version:

Computer Graphics Special

An hour long state of the art computer graphics demonstration from 1986. Fully narrated.

By the way, for any Linux users trying the test builds, I'd like to know if you're able to get Ripcord to deadlock (freeze) when using the new experimental "Use fewer disk reads/writes" option.

There's a deadlock in the threading code, and I want to see how often people hit it. (This is due to some SQLite behavior in in-memory mode, which I can mitigate if necessary, but maybe it won't happen in practice! Maybe?)

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Ripcord test builds for the next release (WIP, not finished)

Fixes username & password sign-in on Slack (changed on server), fixes file upload on Slack (changed on server), adds new permissions admin stuff to Discord, adds new experimental disk IO/memory tuning option, adds option to highlight current tab with a colored line, adds dedicated mute button in Discord voice calls, and more stuff I don't have space for here.

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@cancel More than a million people bought Doom 1 directly from ID through mail order in *1993*.

1 9 9 3.

Recently in public statements in front of Congress, to customers, and in court, Apple has claimed that there were two eras in selling software: in boxes on retail shelves, and then their App Store.

Apple is full of shit. They're trying to erase the largest and most significant way people have sold software: directly to others, online.

"What It Was Like to Sell Apps Online in 2003"

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