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This paper is intended to continue the debate on the different uses of migration for the long-term preservation of digital materials.

What's the best trackball for desktop?

(I have gigantic gorilla hands.)

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Added a thing to the status bar in Beetbug that shows the name of the last event and the number of instruction ops it executed.

Mastodon is stupid software. Turned a 420kb .gif into a 520kb .mp4 and made the quality worse.

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Anyone have "I tried to use a split keyboard and gave up/stopped" stories?

Uxn32 1.3 released

Added console input/output, plus a bunch of other fixes and improvements, and a freshly harvested pack of ROMs.

Download it:

I've become skeptical of software where the headlining feature is "written in ______"

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is turning 1 year old tonight.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed code, ideas, time and laughs to help this project grow into what it is now. It was a wonderful year for smol ordinators.

Uxn32 1.2 released. Now it has audio. 60kb. Download it:

(Also, it can zoom the screen now.)

For anyone hiring: a friend of mine is looking to get out of the profit-chasing tech finance world and into a job that's a bit more beneficial for society.

He's in the Vancouver area and is an expert at writing low-level back end code, crunching numbers from databases, and operating and maintaining the servers which run it.

It doesn't need to be a charity or a purely idealistic humanitarian thing.

Send me a DM here on the Fediverse or an email to and I can put you in touch.

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UXN-DOS for managing files on embedded devices and emulators without cli.

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