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I'm still hiring. If you're a senior data wrangler who wants to help build a data sciences program at a national lab, come be our Chief Data Architect:

If you're not quite that far along your career but you have some microbiology or environmental science experience, we're also hiring a Research Data Architect to support our work with the National Microbiome Data Collaborative:

coming soon: hiring linux sysadmins and python programmers...

Uxn32, layout.h, PhantomStyle, Orca-c peeps: due to the unending avalanche of spam on GitHub that started yesterday, I will no longer be seeing pull requests, support messages, tickets, and the like. My email system now flags it ALL as spam. You will need to email me directly.

MarkovJunior is a probabilistic programming language where programs are combinations of rewrite rules and inference is performed via constraint propagation.

Two months with a split keyboard at my desk. It's good.

I don't mind using regular keyboards. I still use a laptop, too. But it's nice to have w i d e m o d e at my desk.

Normally, I don't post 100% negative stuff like this, but this did the rounds on Merveilles and I fucking hate software patents.

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That "Bionic Reading" thing with the bold letters that went around the other day is turning out to be a patent & trademark scam run by nutjobs. (Also, it doesn't work.)

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DuckDuckGo has completely removed and hidden my website -- completely, and including Ripcord -- from all search results. I only know about this because someone messaged me to say they were pointed to a site with malware instead of my real website when searching for Ripcord on DuckDuckGo.

I don't host malware or anything like that on my website. I am careful about what I have on it. I don't even host unsigned executables on it. 🥴

Bing also hides me, too, I guess.

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If anyone remembers the silly video poker game I wrote for Playdate during the 2020 Merveilles HyperJam, I just uploaded it here with its Lua source code:

Today on Linux Desktop: routine update made most of the icons turn blue or disappear.

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@d6 people ask me why I like Shenzhen I/O and I respond "because the datasheets are only one or two pages and the chips implement the spec"

What should I use to crawl/download/archive an entire website? It's all simple static pages (no JavaScript), but has lots of links to download small binary files, which I also want to preserve. Any OS -- just want the best tools.

Firefox updated to version 99.0 and now it's back to misbehaving on high refresh rate (>= 120hz) displays. Well, it was a nice 8 months while it worked properly...

I used Go once, for a single small project, two years ago. Recently, I was forced to update the single dependency (acme/autocert) in the project due to bugs in it. But Go also had broken backwards compatibility during the last two years, so my project didn't work with the newest version of Go.

My project is a single main.go file. The Go website claimed they wouldn't break compatibility, which is why I tried using Go for the project. Regret.

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