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I’ve been lurking around the #uxn conversations for a while now, and I think I can safely say that I want a future where everything I need is in a sub-64kb rom and can run on whatever computer I choose.

I’m on day 3 of the compudanzas tutorial and things are clicking! Reminds me of my college courses where I programmed a Motorola chip to drive some 7 segment displays (but this is way more exciting and fun)

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@cassvs @aynish I'm not planning to implement lisp, although, it already pretty much serves the exact same APIs. I needed a little untyped lambda calculus framework for a project of mine so I added cons cells in assembly.

I was surprised how easy it was to implement these at the lowest level. It's actually quite elegant. I wrote a few s-exp parsers in javascript and it doesn't even come close to the beauty of doing it in forth.

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AAA game studios are like "we had 100 people working on this game for 5 years and it's not even that good but you need $5000 of hardware to run it", while hackers are there porting Tomb Raider to the gameboy or Portal to the N64 or running Doom on a computer powered only by potatoes, just for fun.

Tech could be better, we just need to pursue the right goals.

Always knew someone would write a high level language compiler for uxn. Just didn't think the first would be a lisp

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i would like to find a raspberry pi SOC but x86 because a lot of thing I want to run on a mini home server are not arm compatible, anyone has good names/ reference that they know about or tested ?

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build things that suggest and expose how they are made without documentation.

then, provide documentation to clarify, assure the observer of their assumptions, satisfy their intrigue, fill in their blanks, and remove misunderstanding from the equation.

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We need to make power efficiency sexier than raw computing performance. Don’t show me your giant GPU or your crazy Cinebench score, that stuff’s lame. Show me how you can get done everything you need to at a lower power draw than anyone else

Yesterday I replaced a frozen shower valve and tested a misbehaving water pump, and today I hooked up bilge pumps in little skiffs and checked the batteries in safety kit flashlights. And a thousand other little things I've already forgotten.

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Maintenance brings me so much joy. So many things need fixing up here, and it feels great to get gear working again.

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I've been up in the lake country of Quebec working for the last few days, and it's looking like I'll be spending the whole summer. It's so gorgeous here.

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I have completed the hex map of merveilles!

Or at least my corner of merveilles.

Remember a few days (weeks?) ago, there was a link going around to a little markdown-esque plaintext format for checklists? The syntax looked something like:
[x] - done item
Does anyone have that link handy, or remember what the name of the project was? I thought I bookmarked it but evidently I didn't.
Boosts are appreciated. Many thanks :tealheart:

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Don’t say “there are no alternatives” when what you really mean is “I can’t be bothered to use the alternatives.”


I'm complaining about tech again, sorry 😔 

Very glad we're finally progressing from the backward past (one connector per function) to the bright future (a plethora of physically identical connectors which all do wildly different things and speak incompatible protocols). /s

Looking at you, USBC-2.0, -3.0, -3.2, -Thunderbolt, -PD, -Displayport, -PCIe, etc.
Et tu, M.2-NVME, -SATA, -PCIe, etc.

Working with wood, especially using pyrography, is such an intensely sensory experience. Any day that ends with my hair smelling of sawdust and campfire is a good day :D

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Today's time in : laser pyrography of a kitten on scrap wood. It'll be a mother's day gift for my gran, who loves cats. The artwork is from

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