Uni: This is how we write resource-efficient algorithms.

Also uni: All communication for this class will be through [insert processor-melting multi-gigabyte bigtech adware product here]

Who will win: my distaste for big proprietary communication platforms? Or society-at-large's absolute unwillingness to use anything else?

@cassvs i just slowly remove myself from society, it's working well enough

@cassvs For every kw of power we saved here, we will use twice as much there.

@neauoire @cassvs Ha, yeah.

"Our new product is twice as energy efficient as our last one!"

"Great! We'll take triple however many we had before!"

@cassvs cs101 needs to instill into students from the beginning that there's a time and place for like everything theyre gonna learn and they should get better at using the right things
@cassvs but this doesnt give you a six-figure node.js dev salary

@cassvs but but at least the big company's smart engineers used clever O(lg n) data structures in their ad tech!

@cassvs I'm so glad I'm running my college's software in a Windows VM. I highly recommend doing it this way!
It was disturbing when I installed Microsoft Office. Without warning, branding for the college appeared on the Windows search screen and Microsoft Edge landing screen. When I search my computer, college info is searched as well (I didn't ask!). I am restricted from changing some settings. When I tried to log out from my college account via the Settings app, I was met with this message:

@golemwire I somehow survived my first year and a half of uni with just a linux machine, but halfway through second year I bit the bullet and got a win10 laptop. I've tried very hard to avoid clicking the "allow my organization to manage this device" button. I briefly considered VMs, but Windows is a very heavy guest.
(It looks like part of your toot got cut off somehow? I can't see what the message was)

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