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few things are as genuinely calming as sitting in front of a full-screened, dark terminal containing a personal project, with music in the background

related in spirit to @rostiger's sailing-inspired posts, i'm currently taking my second week of sailing courses! ⛵

during the week we'll be repeating the fundamentals and then moving onto sailing with a spinnaker :~

just contributed 15 bucks to @glyph's peachcloud project! peachcloud is building tools and interfaces for making use of raspberry pis in p2p contexts

check em out :> 🍑

"Scientists spent a decade intensively monitoring the impacts of a large government-funded experiment at Hillesden, a 1,000-hectare commercial arable farm in Buckinghamshire. (...) Numbers of some butterfly species including the gatekeeper and green-veined white doubled, and birds that usually feed on insects benefited from the shelter provided by hedges and grass margins, including the great tit, up 88%, and blue tit, up 73%. They also found that overall yields at Hillesden were maintained – and enhanced for some crops – despite the loss of agricultural land for habitat creation."

The science is in: permaculture works, it can feed us all and it helps the planet too.

damn i keep getting rekt ordering cause i forget to mention i want a half pint (not a pint!) 🥴

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Going to be in New York for the next month if any New Yorkers want to meet up!

I am speaking Sunday 31-07-20222 online 6:00 pm–6:30 pm (Central European time - I’m in Germany , I think it’s 12 on east coast?) at Narrascope about Fantasy Filing Systems: folder poetry, adventures in the shell, BashCrawl, pseudo-MUDs, games and stories inside dialog boxes and form-builders, etc. It will be streamed and also available as a video afterwards

Full schedule and info on the conference

kinda counter-intuitive but i could definitely see uxn working well in this environment haha

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i would’ve never expected it, but coding on my phone via ssh and using vim works surprisingly well? modal editors, having been developed for printout-based viewing, seem to translate really well to mobile’s constrained input options

slow, of course, but engaging and oddly satisfying; Shelly on iOS is a legit, minimal ssh app :~

Two #PHD opportunities at Malmö University in Sweden. One in Media & Communication and one in Interaction Design

Great opportunity to develop your own research project in a interdisciplinary environment with good working conditions!

I'm also in this program (Interaction Design) so feel free to ask me questions!

Merveilles's default theme is so nice.
I don't need a client to use Mastodon anymore.

Installing the WebApp looks & works wonderfully.

Arriving in Berlin tonight and here til the 1st August. Invite me to things! 😁👌🏽

BERLIN --- come hang + code next week ~~~~

{algo /// algo}
livecode hacknight
with special guest NOISK8 (Medellín)

Tuesday, 26.07 19h - 22h
SóLaura Studio, Boddinstr. 62, Berlin

Please write your name here ( if you plan to attend.

There will be an open projector + speakers for anyone who wants to share *algo* a <=10minute live-coded set, demo, presentation, etc.

See you Tuesday!

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