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few things are as genuinely calming as sitting in front of a full-screened, dark terminal containing a personal project, with music in the background

@aadil did you make any progress on yr hardware pomodoro? :)

i will master the uniform crust or i will... run out of flour & patience

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yesterday i baked pizza, TODAY im baking pizza

Dear Free Software and Privacy-loving individual,

If you care the slightest bit about freedom of speech, please take 10 seconds of your time to run the following command into your terminal:

git clone

That's it. You're saving a very important piece of internet history that may be necessary later.

Thank you for your attention. Your effort makes the internet a better place.

#censorship #youtubedl

this looks neat: a search engine for personal websites

October is a great month for foraging. These Hedgehog Mushrooms (Hydnum Repandum) are called "the ultimate safe mushroom" by forager John Wright, because of those unmistakable tiny stalactites. I can also testify that they are among my favourites for filling out a meal and have a lovely, soft flavour.

Also nabbed a few late apples from a tree hidden in the woods :)

me: "haha the collapse amirite"
friend: "??"
me: "oh wow"

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