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i wrote a new article! it is about the kind of personal trackers i have been working on recently

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few things are as genuinely calming as sitting in front of a full-screened, dark terminal containing a personal project, with music in the background

here is a new project that i've been poking at slowly for a few years now -->

6 generative screensavers, free on itch

“Life is long, and you will be many different people before the end.”

oh yeah with an @eel audio-visual collab at the end!!

here's a playlist with all of the performances from the merveilles meetup in tokyo :~

intro splash by the talented @brennan

alright! i recorded the videos of the merveilles meetup's performances with the superb help of @ESWAT as camera person in chief.

i'll thread the individual videos below :~

@stephen That was a good post. I read this as "let going of knowledge for knowledge's sake". I would add "intent" to curiosity and focus, without intent, these two can lead you astray.

I wrote a bit about curiosity & focus, two skills I'm practicing recently.

@neauoire arduino-based phone. apparently the current os is written in processing, but it can be replaced with whatever anyone writes for it

held my first live performance, ever
PICO PICO Café, Tokyo


Merveilles meetup is doing hanami in Ohmiya-Hachimangu at 2:00pm today :) Join us!


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