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few things are as genuinely calming as sitting in front of a full-screened, dark terminal containing a personal project, with music in the background

First flush of oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus) developing nicely. This is one of 6 clusters emerging from straw in a 25 L bucket.

I'm expecting 1 - 2 kg from this first flush. I'll update with another photo and weight at harvest time.

“It’s so small.”
“But it has eighteen hundred pages. You press the edge—thus, and so … and the charge moves ahead one page at a time as you read. Never touch the actual pages with your fingers.”
— Dune, 1965

My art is being screenprinted for the first time and it's happening in Japan. Scuttlebutt - making dreams come true 🖤

I've begun transcribing the ship's logs of our passage from Japan to Canada, we'll release more daily. Be warned, some of this might be distressing to some people.

A picture of our tattered charts which got submerged in our capsize 1000nm off the Japanese coast.

We charted our position on these daily despite them being nearly ruined.

conference highlights: i forget my mic on post-presentation and speak swedish for 2 minutes on stream lol

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at 17:00 CEST today, the dat conference kicks off! at 21, i'll be hosting a casual cabal workshop, where nick and i will give an introduction to cabal's subjective moderation system

published a tiny module for printing out cli manuals in the terminal using markdown input

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