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few things are as genuinely calming as sitting in front of a full-screened, dark terminal containing a personal project, with music in the background

phew how did we have so many entries, y'all are too amazing *_*

i'll continue again tomorrow :3

*cracks hyperknuckles* oh-kay, time to try out some entries

the goal of sdns is to be network-agnostic, so that any p2p mesh that respects the data model can extend the network. sdns links could map to, and be shared over, any number of other protocols, such as ssb, dat, ipfs, etc. i prototyped sharing sdns links from the chat program cabal, and it was simple for other software to find and index it (given semi-private information — remember, this is a permissioned perspective NOT a scraper)

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the theory of the social domain name system is to build up a broad network of content into which one has perspectives, but is prohibited from viewing the whole through fine-grained per-peer access controls — think, a p2p construct that respects followers-only posts. this perspective can be indexed and mapped into a domain name list so all your magnet links and hyperswarm addresses have pretty URLs, and further that they can be made searchable. for example, you could apply pagerank to the links you know about and get a personal google tuned to your network.

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Day 2 after the : I miss the Macintosh Plus interface.

Currently thinking about if it's really necessary to have colours in all our daily screens.

Does all our computing devices need to be the same?

@cancel what was the idea you had of a web gallery of the hypercard diskettes?

i mean obv we're all pretty spent from the pandemic/jam/life, but it would be interesting to put up in a few weeks to lessen the barrier to testing

submissions close in less than 2 hours, get yer stacks in if you haven't already!!

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