I've been experimenting with the dat:// protocol , but what I need to understand is where the roots of this tree need to be planted. Do I make a parser first? Do I make a template in regular HTML and then figure out how to reverse it down? I've been working on 2 parsers, one in Lua, one in Python. Both suck as of now. @neauoire Am I losing you yet?


@thelibrarian @neauoire basically, if you make something that can work without a server (standalone index.html that loads and presents local content) you have made something that can work in the p2p web

github.com/cblgh/monotome is my example of that idea

@cblgh @neauoire 2dgame.dev/media/twine/twinede That's a really good starting place for me thank you.

The link I posted there is a modification on a friend of mine (YAL, if you know him. He's big in the Gamemaker community, check his site out - yal.cc) He uses a more complex version of it for documentation on plugins he makes, but I've stripped it down to use as a library for my code, so to speak.

I want to have a functioning "index card system" in place eventually!

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