at 17:00 CEST today, the dat conference kicks off! at 21, i'll be hosting a casual cabal workshop, where nick and i will give an introduction to cabal's subjective moderation system


conference highlights: i forget my mic on post-presentation and speak swedish for 2 minutes on stream lol

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please tell me this is captured on the recording.

@glyph haha thankfully not!! i have nooo idea what i was blabbing about lol, all i know is that suddenly both nina and mauve were turning on their mics and going like "yo your mic is on"


haha "bread bread bread" XD

the workshop was awesome btw! super cool to see how far the moderation features have come. the regional network possibility you mentioned at the end is very exciting!

i watched Frando's talk on dat-rs and really enjoyed that. i remember when the project kinda stalled; it's great to see if moving so swiftly again!

@glyph yes! it's been amazing to see how fast the dat-rs effort has pulled things together (and on an entirely voluntary basis so far!)

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