Hi Merveilles folks - I'm assembling a syllabus for an online intro-level course about Distributed Media. Does anyone know of anything similar already out there? Otherwise, any suggestions (other than the obvious - Beaker, etc.) on what materials such a course should cover? Thanks in advance.


@neauoire @dokoissho idk what you mean by obvious so i'll just list some stuff
* this chart of activitypub projects by @lidia_p & friends is an ace overview gitlab.com/lidia_p/fediversetr
* ssb's ecosystem of projects ssb.nz
* dat's ecosystem of projects dat.foundation/explore/project
* bbs the documentary is old school, long, and interesting youtube.com/watch?v=nO5vjmDFZa
* fidonet en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FidoNet
* webtorrent youtube.com/watch?v=kxHRATfvnl

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@neauoire @dokoissho i also want to point out Zach Mandeville's writings as some of the most inspired stuff to come out on these topics, in particular three essays:
* the future will be technical coolguy.website/writing/the-fu
* song islands coolguy.website/projects/song-
* music visions coolguy.website/writing/music-

his server seems to be down atm, but i think zach will have it up within a day or so :)

@cblgh Great, will check when it's back up - thanks again!

@cblgh Thanks for these suggestions - used Fidonet when I was in Dakar in the 90s! BBS doc also a good idea. Am pretty familiar with old-school p2p (Usenet, Bittorrent) but less up on recent/current developments other than Devine and Rekka's tools and things like Hypercast on Beaker.

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