Community-coined money! Radical money sharing transparency! Walkaway-inspired fiction! Rust in Javascript?? Pub operator advisories! Grassroots Work proposals! Returning friends! The Scuttlebutt community has got it all

@cblgh I've never seen this before (perhaps I was living under a rock). What is the scuttlebutt community? What should I read to understand how this groups of humans got started?


@jcmorrow The Scuttlebutt community is a community that has arisen from the peer-to-peer distributed protocol Secure Scuttlebutt. The main site for the project is and contains a video introduction as well as talks that have been given around the community & protocol :)

This is the blog post (2017-04) that got me into Scuttlebutt, originally:

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@cblgh This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

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