2020 highlights

* released a distributed mud
* released trustnet
* released budget.cblgh.org
* traveled to basel to present at a p2p conf
* traveled in an overnight train to finland
* spoke at our networks
* learned sourdough baking
* foraged nettles & shaggy ink caps
* sewed 5 gifts
* participated in the merveilles hyperjam
* wrote and received a grant from mozilla for cabal
* finished my master's thesis
* finally managed to graduate as a MSc in Computer Science & Engineering :')


i'll add these & some more highlights to my yearly reflection at years.cblgh.org/ in the next weeks or so

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@cblgh Love how even when the goals at the bottom are not achieved, what actually happened looks way more interesting. Très cool.

@rosano yeah, i felt it was more honest to keep what my intentions were & how they panned out. happy you like it 🖤

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