@cblgh @glyph

Right there with ya!

Mine took a long time to grow anything at first. I probably overmisted, or should never have misted in the first place, or something. But the yield was enormous.

Bestaluck with your kit! 😃

@rezmason @glyph thank you! i have no idea what proper misting technique will be, but i have an old guide from glyph lying around advocating 85-90% humidity during the mushroom phase, so gonna try to aim for that (with absolutely no metrics to go by)


yusss ! this is awesome! i'm really excited for you :) looks like you have a great setup too 🖤

@glyph they are fruiting!!!!!!!! noticed last night that the mycelium seemed to be overflowing in the accidental cuts i made when opening the plastic compartment housing the mycelium

i can see lil shrooms!!!!!

@glyph how single-celled mycelium becomes seemingly complex mushrooms blows my mind??


:D :D :D !

you're gonna be a shroom dad!

those lil primordia are gonna grow into big mushrooms real quickly ^_^

@glyph ohh that's what's called primordia, never really understood that reading yr guide

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