yusss ! this is awesome! i'm really excited for you :) looks like you have a great setup too 🖤

@glyph they are fruiting!!!!!!!! noticed last night that the mycelium seemed to be overflowing in the accidental cuts i made when opening the plastic compartment housing the mycelium

i can see lil shrooms!!!!!


@glyph how single-celled mycelium becomes seemingly complex mushrooms blows my mind??

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:D :D :D !

you're gonna be a shroom dad!

those lil primordia are gonna grow into big mushrooms real quickly ^_^

@glyph ohh that's what's called primordia, never really understood that reading yr guide


awww yeahhh. beautiful! it's amazing how quickly they grow! lots of water being transported out of the substrate, through the mycelium and into the developing fruitbodies.

soon you're going to have delicious mushrooms to eat with your home-baked bread.

thanks so much for keeping me in the loop :)

@glyph of course! and *thank you* for low-key educating me on what's going on in this exciting adventure 🖤

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