Cabal, the open-source & p2p group chat I've worked on with friends, is in a quadratic funding pilot experiment run by Open Collective!

What that means for us, as an example: for every 10 USD donated, we get a total of 83 USD

boosts appreciated 🖤

Tasks in the pipeline & actively worked on for the past months include:
* a protocol specification & radical rewrite to make cabal implementable in any language with sodium bindings
* enabling cabal to work natively in browsers (without extensions)
* rewriting the desktop ui to work in both desktop clients, the web, and on mobile

@cblgh I just donated to the project through FundOSS!
Congrat, this is super exciting! To the moooon! 🚀

@leo ohh thanks leo! 🖤 it's very appreciated 🥰🥰

(and for yr work on OC in general! about to spend the weekend digging into the OC graphql api you put me onto :3)

@cblgh sorry about that, we're planing on launching a proper dev page this year.

@leo oh that's great news! i'm just happy to know it exists & is possible at all :3

@cblgh wow, this project sounds fucking rad!! I had never heard of it. Gonna give it a spin and most likely donate.


@cblgh is the large donor for this open collective or another org?

@rosano i think open collective is collaborating primarily with gitcoin, which pioneered this quadratic funding-style of donor matching

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