@cblgh looks kind of like methi paratha from india :)

@rosano @cblgh Ha, I was thinking they look like Korean pajeon :P

@rek @rosano *adds two more types of pancakes to the recipe stack*

@cblgh @rosano I was certain it was pajeon because of the little bowl in the image, it looks like it's a sort of sauce and usually pajeon is served with one :>

@soapdog thank u friend :3 (also: they were! especially with the improvised okonomiyaki-sauce i threw together :~)

@cblgh I bet the sauce was awesome.

I just noticed that I have no idea what goes into okonomiyaki sauce...

@soapdog i used a hoisin base from lee kum kee (i think? might have been another brand), vegetarian oyster sauce (made on shiitake), some chopped ginger & garlic, and water to thin it slightly. might've added some smoked paprika as well

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