working on a little rss generator for my static-site generator :)

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seeing as i have a few prominent links to some of my work floating around the internet, i wrote a utility command for the site generator that redirects multiple routes to a single one. feels like an okay solution for fighting link rot :)

(what it's actually doing: generating my static site format, which is *then* being included, parsed & generating the feeds page :>)

it has some way to go still, but if you're curious how i use it you can look inside the example folder

@profoundlynerdy a small amount of dependency-less go code working on my static site format :) the rss spec is quite small & easily read, to my surprise

@cblgh Yes, RSS is good. I'm annoyed that it's not more widely used in more obvious ways.

It hope we see more of it as Internet continues to turn to federated services and away from faux monopolies, etc.

@neauoire great artists steal etc ;) think i first saw it on xxiivv when i was looking through what lieu was scraping :~

@cblgh yeah I still have something like that around : >

Now, I rely on aliases too. So I can make "fake pages" to preserve some old project names.
For example:

At the bottom of the page:
"Redirected to computer, from workstation."

@cblgh that.. is brilliant! Added all, but I can totally see the appeal if all gets too noisy.

@cblgh the markup looks like early versions of indental when it still had runes <3 Very nice

@neauoire ya! one my goals was wanting to try something oscean-like, but without ripping you off entirely—cause that would be plain boring :)

@cblgh Well it's super readable and I think it'll scale really well :)

One of the reason I moved away from runic back then was that I stopped coding in fixed-width fonts and it had really poor readability, but unless you're planning on changing that, you should be good I think.

@neauoire really glad to hear that :tealheart: :tealheart:

fwiw: plain is designed to pair well with monotome, with an idea that i can use my existing authoring workflow to keep working effortlessly in private, while later trivially folding selected output into the public :)

@neauoire @cblgh I’m toying with a simple journaling thing, but I’m not yet sure how to store my tasks with the task manager i want to build 🤔

if both of you know some other interesting plain text database format, I’m all ears !

(pic is obviously uninteresting events of my logs)

@royniang @neauoire i think the best format is the one that you use :) hard to give good advice, feels like the proper format stems from your goals. that was the case for my choices with plain at least

@cblgh @neauoire Yeah I’ll have to write something down to get a better idea: do I want an outliner, a checkbox thing, a project thing, etc.

@royniang @neauoire tho the best thing i did when starting a work journal for the recent ssb work was creating this short script

cd ~/code/ngi-wiki/diary
today="$(date -I)"
wc -l "$file" 2> /dev/null || $(echo "## $today" > "$file")
vim "+normal Go" '+startinsert' "$file"

opens / names the correct diary file in a specified folder. if it exists, it goes to the end of it & starts inserting :)

@cblgh @neauoire journaling is not the difficult part, I didn’t bother with parsing yet (will mostly be time-related filtering), I got this up really quickly

@surveyor3 I’m not a fan of how tasks are organized by context and how priority/tags are handled :/

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