cool! this looks amazing (and probably super peaceful and fun to ride).

how far can you go on this person-driven train?

@glyph it was :) this was just a smol thing, but the track was 8 km in all. made me think of the possibilities of having these sorts of tracks between towns for smaller-scale commuting. it's definitely enjoyable :~

@glyph one fun thing is when you meet someone else on the tracks, whether they are stopped or going the opposite direction—you switch bikes! it was a nice human connection that otherwise wouldn't have been had at all :)

@cblgh @glyph that sounds like a great idea, we have a lot of unused train tracks in Quebec that became bike paths but we don't have these cool bike trains, would love to see it. Also I wonder if there could be a way to make a bike that's convertible to train tracks 🤔

@ritualdust @cblgh @glyph if there's a technique to pass someone going slower than you, I bet it looks hilarious

@cblgh @glyph
I know of such tracks as tourist attraction here in Belgium. And there's one close to where we'll be on holiday in France. Am planning to check it out with the family. Will report back ;)

@woozong @ritualdust @glyph yeah i've mainly seen them as tourist attractions around here :)

@Le_bottin_des_jeux_linux @cblgh There are lot of lines with this kind of bike around the world :(. Trains was far more efficient than cars and polluted far less, but people preferred to kill the planet on less than one century, and continued with planes, over the net 2K,4K,8K...HD videos and useless stupid FPS or blockchains coins, we don't know how much we will survive now. hop that a mix of electric trains/tramway and railbikes will replace defintivly cars, but everyday news show that we are less and less sure it is not too late now.

@popolon @cblgh
I agree with you. We all want to save the planet, but the way to do it requires radical changes, and/or sacrifices that a large part of the population is not ready for or goes against powerful influence groups. Personally I think that hydrogen will solve a lot of our problems (but will not solve the problem of uncontrolled births: halfway through the year we consume the planet's resources).

@cblgh this is something I would love to give a try someday. It must be quite a challenge to stop this thing from moving once you get to higher speeds :-) but on the other hand I think you can get very quickly where you want to be since there is very little resistance from the road ..

@rra så nära som i kirseberg! just denna dressinen finns i romelåsen (& gångavstånd från dalby stenbrott :)

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