»Instead of "I authenticate, therefore I am," we posit that "We collaborate, therefore we are." In other words, users exist in a collaborative application only in the context of a relationship with another user»

@humanetech oh cool! :) noticing the topic of the thread, have you seen my master's thesis research TrustNet? cblgh.org/trustnet


Ow, this is very on-topic, thank you! Would be nice if you'd posted a follow-up.

@cblgh super! very happy you did, thank you.

Some of the discussions on #SocialHub progress very slowly, but having the information there is important. The forum is also a #fediverse technical knowledge base.

I for one am intrigued to delve further into the subject, but it will at some future date, once I spend more time on the federated apps I have in mind :)

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